About Tom

Tom is a freelance correspondent specialising in conflict and international politics journalism. Choosing not to rely only on his undergraduate journalism studies in Australia, Tom’s research has taken him to much of eastern Europe and the Middle East, including to a fractured Ukraine in 2014 and to Israel and Palestine on several occasions.

Born in Melbourne, Australia, his education has given him passion for technology and data journalism, having undertaken a Bachelor of Computer Science at The University of Melbourne, before switching to a Bachelor of Communication at the University of Newcastle and RMIT University. He has also completed several short courses internationally in the fields of international relations and post-conflict transformation in Turkey and Kosovo.

While focusing several months each year on the post-Soviet space, Tom also manages to find time to get to the ever-interesting Balkans and Middle East.

Though it’s not his primary outlet, Tom finds time to be heard on the airwaves; with over a year of experience writing and presenting news for radio broadcast.

Once he’s finished his studies, Tom will likely relocate somewhere in Western Asia/Eastern Europe to devote his hand (and ears) to his craft.

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