Kosovo 2014 Map

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Narrowing the Focus

After completing the¬†first year of my communication (so-called) degree, plus the “Political Change in the Middle East” overseas exchange program in Turkey, it has become clearer to me where my interests lie. As is obvious, both travel and story-telling are my passion, but it has become increasingly apparent that a focus on international relations and long-form journalism is probably where I am going to end up. It’s no surprise then, that the most likely career-path is that of a foreign correspondent. Geographically, I am most passionate about Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

So, as the title goes, I am now lowering my sights and honing-in on my speciality. With that in mind, I present to you my travel plans for June through August:

Kosovo 2014 Map

Basically, I plan on checking out Cologne – only because I fly into Frankfurt with a few days to spare – before flying to Kyiv.

I’ve always loved Ukraine after travelling there twice, and I followed the Euromaidan protests from day one. I’ve made some contacts there who I will be meeting up with in order to gain a better insight into both the revolution and the ongoing conflict in the east. I’ll travel as far east as Russia will allow me (who knows what the situation there will be like) including to Crimea (again, if possible).

Unless the situation deteriorates any further, I will fly from Kharkiv to Pristina, Kosovo, where I’m enrolled in a 5 week summer-school program. The course is run by the American University in Kosovo, and focuses on conflict journalism, as well as post-conflict transformation and development. During the 5 weeks, the university will take the group to parts of Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Serbia, which will certainly add to the learning experience given the recent histories of those places.

Finally, after the course I will fly up to Munich for a week to catch up with old friends from across Europe who are converging on the city for the very same reason.

I honestly can’t decide which part of the trip I am most excited for!


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